Chili, Casseroles and Birthdays

The past week was a whirlwind of birthdays, starting with my fathers on the nineteenth, my boyfriends on the twenty-first and then my baby sisters husbands on the twenty-third, yeah a lot of testosterone going on here. My sister and I still wonder how we ended up with men who have birthdays that fall during the same week as our father, we think it’s a bad joke played on us by fate :).

The Birthday Boys

The Birthday Boys

This year we are having a little surprise dinner for dad and the guys, nothing too fancy just a way to say happy birthday and we love you. We decided to have a chili contest between my sisters and I and let the guys pick their favorite, even though the only vote that matters is dad’s so of course we are going to do what sisters do and outdo the other to win points with the old man :) Continue reading

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I Thought I Would Have Pie!


Food evokes all the senses: the scent of pastry baking, the sound of a fork clinking on a plate…This week, make our mouths water with stories about pie.

Mom's Pineapple Pie

Mom’s Pineapple Pie

Growing up I remember picking apples and peaches from the trees we grew and with my sisters having to peel all that fruit for mom to can or freeze. Though we enjoyed climbing the trees and gathering all the fruit we hated having to sit down after all that fun to peel each and every one and god forbid if we took off too much of the fruit with the peel. Continue reading

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Cold As A Witches…?

Ready, Set, Done!

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Love note from the bf

Love note from the bf

I friggin hate the cold, and the wretched time change so that it get’s dark by six pm. I don’t know why I’m still in KC if I hate the cold and the dark nights so much. It’s so bad that some days I want to throw a temper tantrum like I’m five again. Mainly I stay because of family and of course not enough money to move is why I continue to torture myself every year with the snow, the ice and of course the cold winds.

Every year starting sometime in October around Halloween when the nights start turning chilly, I begin telling myself I can’t take it anymore I need to move. Of course I’m never prepared for winter’s arrival, my car as usual hasn’t been winterized, I of course can’t seem to ever buy a decent winter coat in time and as always the scarf and gloves from last year are gone to wherever those things disappear to during the summer months. Continue reading

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DIY Day and Boozy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

Because I’m that kind of girl, when I read something about food that sounds really good, well I have to try it out and that’s how I ended up making a few do-it-yourself projects on my day off. Plus I had to make cookies for Nick’s father for his birthday so I did that too.

Getting Creative

Getting Creative

My first project was after reading through David Lebovitz cookbook My Paris Kitchen and he talked about salted butter and making your own, so of course he made it sound so good that it was the first thing I had to try. It was very simple and one that I will have to try with various salts. I use mines to sauté veggies and they come out with just the right amount of seasoning.

Make Your Own Salted Butter
¼ to ½ teaspoon of large flake sea salt
1 stick of unsalted butter
Simple knead salt into softened butter and then rechill.

See told you it was simple. I don’t have a picture this time because I didn’t have a cute container to put it in. Continue reading

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Halloween and Anniversary All In One!!

Our Pumpkins lighted and ready to go!

Our Pumpkins lighted and ready to go!

Today is Halloween the day for all little ghosts and goblins to come out and gather up all the candy they can snag, and it’s also our Anniversary a day that almost didn’t happen. It’s been five years a track record for many couples and definitely a track record for us because after a rough start during that first year we got back together on a Halloween and decided to make it our anniversary (mainly so he could remember as Halloween is his favorite holiday).

And to think this day almost didn’t happen because as usually a major disagreement took place three days before the date.  Continue reading

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