Chocolate Truffle Time

Here I was standing in the middle of my cooking area holding in my hand once again a heavy bar of expensive dark chocolate that my wonderful, handsome sometimes-clueless boyfriend gave to me for some reason, wondering one more time what the heck was I going to do with it as I stuck it back in the fridge to live another day.

This chocolate bar has been the running joke in the house for the past three months, because we were all dumbfounded when this sweet man brought it home to me. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate and I love that he surprises me with special treats, but Sheesh! This was one heck of an expensive bar of chocolate not to mention it weighed two pounds, so it’s not something one can eat in one sitting. Continue reading

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911 Do You Remember?

I remember, thirteen years ago today. It was a bright sunny day, I was living in St. Louis at the time and my life felt almost nearing perfect. I was headed into work at the then Adams Mark Hotel were I worked in the HR department as an employment specialist, a job I was falling in love with. As was my normal morning routine I went up into the employee dining room for my morning coffee and aspirin, I still didn’t know what was going on outside my perfect world. I stood there sipping coffee and looking at the morning TV show and I saw this:  Continue reading

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A Dream Nonetheless – A Story

Daily Prompt: Greetings, Stranger

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

Coffee around the world

Coffee around the world

She had finally arrived; she was in London sitting at a lovely downtown café, absorbing everything going on around her, she closed her eyes to take a sip of the intensely strong coffee in order to savor the flavors flowing over her tongue.

Looking up a contented smile on her lips,  she sees a tall handsome stranger arriving, their eyes meet, hers a dark chocolate brown, his dazzling green. Dropping her eyes quickly, the smile vanishing, she shivered as if a breeze had blown by. He paused mid-step; it felt as if an electric shock had touched him, moving towards the table where she sat alone, it was as if unseen hands were guiding him.  Continue reading

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What’s Your Why?

Today’s Saturday motivational is about the why. Why do you want to change, why do you want something different, why do you want to live? What is it that moves you? What drives you? This is about that deep desire that we each have inside of us it’s about pulling it out and doing something about it.

This week has been rough for me, I’ve just been feeling stuck. Stuck in my relationships, stuck in my finances, stuck in living the same way everyday and going nowhere, just spinning my wheels.

I had to look deep to find my desire again, to find my why. There are two major things I have always wanted in life, that was to write a book and to have a restaurant.

My why for starting this blog it’s cheaper than opening a restaurant and I still get to cook in the kitchen. I still get to have fun in the kitchen mixing different flavors together. I get to write whatever hits me. I will actually finish writing a story or my sister will kill me.

I’m in charge of my destiny, I’m fifty and I’ve found my why, I’ve found my desire.

So what’s your why, what’s your desire? Post in the comments and let me know

PS: I find all of my great motivational videos on YouTube by Mateusz M. He has some great works that really make you think and truly inspire you to want to be and do more.


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Finally got the new place set up and pretty much organized even though I’m sitting in my office surrounded by boxes and feeling like a hoarder (really have to stop watching that show). Don’t know if this place will be temporary for three months or will it be a permanent spot until next spring, regardless we are living out of boxes until we make that decision.

The one room I had to really set up was my kitchen and as you saw from my last post it’s pretty much a hallway, so I had to incorporate a few pieces reserved for the living room into the function of my kitchen.  Continue reading

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