One Lovely Blog Award

The other day I woke to a very wonderful surprise in my comments, a fellow blogger Terryb at “Through The Lens Of My Life” had nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and it just about brought me to tears. To receive this nomination is for me a great honor, it felt like I had just been nominated for an “Oscar” :D Thank you Terryb for thinking my blog was lovely, I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Now before I burst into tears, lets get on with it.

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4 things Lions can teach you on being King of your Jungle


I found this today and it’s perfect for “Inspirational Saturday”, we can take a good lesson from the king of the jungle because we make our lives what we want them to be. It’s up to you to decide the what and the how you want your life to look like and end the end strut your stuff and give off a big roar!

Tom Cat

Tom Cat

Originally posted on Unravel Passion:

I live in Kenya and we have beautiful lions! You never really get used to seeing a real life lion, it’s always epic. He walks confidently looking around; like he owns the place then does this terrifying roar just in case you hadn’t noticed. I love it.

The King of the Jungle can teach us a few things about being King in our chosen fields.

1. A lion is not the biggest or fastest or strongest animal in the jungle but he is the king

He looks at a gazelle and decides – that’s lunch. He works skilfully to make up for what he doesn’t have. Some lions hunt in pairs approaching the prey from opposite sides. One lion will spook the gazelle who runs off in the opposite direction, straight into the arms (or rather mouth) of the lion waiting on the other side. Brilliant Strategy! Brains not brawn.

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Running Around Like A Chicken (with her head cut off)

Yeah it’s been one of those months where its like I’m running around and nothing seems to be moving or getting done. IMG_0272

I’m trying to get my finances back in order after being off for so long, the car is having issues, trying to work on recipes and write (who knew writing recipes would be tough especially when you don’t normally use measurements to cook…go figure)……doing a major job search (I’m ready to find something else to do with my life, that doesn’t involve standing all day).  IMG_0165

Our fifth anniversary is coming up not to mention his big birthday (don’t even know what I’m going to do for that…sigh!), plus on top of just this normal day to day stuff I’m trying to really get this blog off the ground and trying to keep up with “Blogging 201,” and in a couple of months get my blog transferred to a self-hosted site through another blogging class I’m involved in.

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Not My Mammas Chicken Noodle Soup!

When the weather starts to cool down in Kansas City, my thoughts turn to hot soups, chili and wonderful dishes I can make in the oven.


bowl soup1 Pot of soup2One of my favorite soups to make is Chicken Noodle, just like my mom used to make, plain and simple with nothing in it but noodles, chicken, onions and peppers. Whenever I make this soup it always makes me think of mom.

So this past weekend I decided to make a big pot of Chicken noodle soup since I had some leftover chicken in the freezer that I had roasted the week before and figured it would be a good way to use it up.

I used my mom’s recipe up to a point and just threw in some other things that I had laying around and turned it into an amazing creamy soup, this one I will have to make again and try different greens to see how the flavors turn out.  Continue reading

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My Secret Thoughts!

Daily Prompt: In Transit 

Train on bridge

Train on bridge

Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?

Sitting at the airport working on my newest blog entry, listening not to the canned music that’s being piped in all over the place, instead I’ve got my favorite cd in: Il Divo and I’m just chillin, watching the people go by, wondering where they are going and where they’ve been….some dressed in business clothes others in casual clothes, each with their own thoughts and feelings as they come and go.

It’s funny I will most likely never see any of these people again but somehow at this very moment, in this space and time we have all managed to cross each others paths without even realizing that we ever existed. Continue reading

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