Moving Day & Starting Over

It’s moving day and my Internet is a bit spotty until next week. Finally got everything moved out of the upstairs apartment down to the basement apartment and it is going to be an adjustment regardless of how long I’m here.

The biggest adjustment is going to be cooking in a hallway called a kitchen, so I’m looking forward to that challenge.

Its the size of a hallway
Its the size of a hallway

So because of the packing, unpacking and the organizing going on around here I have decided to wait until things calm down next week and then post my birthday post and my recipe for my Mom’s Pineapple pie. Plus I have to try and make sure I get the steps down right because I cook like all the Richardson women by taste, sight and touch.

My favorite dessert
My favorite dessert

Be on the look out for a look back over my Fiftieth birthday and a few things I’ve learned along the way and how I’m starting all over again from the bottom up.

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