Consummation Of The Poetry

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I was going through some old photos today that I wanted to scan and pack away when I ran across the picture of my best friend and buddy in the whole wide world. We meet back in 2000 in St. Louis, and even though we both moved to separate areas, him to the Georgia area and me back to my hometown. Open Mic Night

So today’s post was a good way to reflect over my friend and our life as I looked at that long forgotten photograph and remembered the times we shared our poetry with each other, how we both had names for our collection of poetry that one day we would share with the world.

His book was called “Oral Elixir” which he did publish and mines will be called “Series of Climaxes” which I put aside when I moved back to KC but now after all these many years I want to bring those words back into the light. 

I thought about all the laughs we would share over a game of pool and even the times we have cried in each other’s arms. I miss my friend with all my heart. We haven’t seen each other in years and I’ve lost his phone number and don’t know if he has mines. I know he’s on Facebook but not as much as I am that’s for sure, but I still left a message for him and hope he see’s it and know that I’m thinking of him.

I pulled out a piece of poetry I had written after we had did an open mic night one year and someone asked me when were we going to get together for real and stop teasing each other with our poetry. I laughed of course and these are the words that came forth. Because of that long forgotten picture I happened to find, I knew this would be a perfect fit.

Just a word of caution though this is pretty spicy not as spicy as some of my other pieces and the one I’m working but it will move you.

“Consummation of the Poetry”

Must the words be read in a crowded room again?

amidst the yells, screams and howls

before one of us makes that first move?

Before nothing else matters except what we say to each other!

When will the words we lovingly pen begin to affect the other?

To weave its magic

To create a tapestry of love and sex,

pleasures and desires

When will this consummation finally take place?

Another lifetime in this space

Or in the seconds and minutes that follow

When will my words that I purr into the air, finally hit its mark upon your beating heart

When will the current of our voices finally flow together to create poetry like no other?

The question has been asked when will this consummation of poetry finally take place or must we continue this serenade that everyone can see and taste

I answer every second, every minute, every hour

That the words, bleed from our pens and flows from our lips

The consummation has already taken place


Tell me what you think about this piece and is there a friend out there you miss just as much.

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  1. Your poem has a very personal connotation for me. Right now I don’t have time to tell the story, but I know exactly (I believe) what you are talking about. Good work. Judy

    1. Thank you lifelessons, I hope to one day hear your story. I have a couple of more pieces that I wrote with my buddy in mine, usually in an answer to one that he wrote, sorta like a call and response going on between us 🙂

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