Halloween and Anniversary All In One!!

Our Pumpkins lighted and ready to go!
Our Pumpkins lighted and ready to go!

Today is Halloween the day for all little ghosts and goblins to come out and gather up all the candy they can snag, and it’s also our Anniversary a day that almost didn’t happen. It’s been five years a track record for many couples and definitely a track record for us because after a rough start during that first year we got back together on a Halloween and decided to make it our anniversary (mainly so he could remember as Halloween is his favorite holiday).

And to think this day almost didn’t happen because as usually a major disagreement took place three days before the date. 

This is what happens after 5 years, go figure LOL!
This is what happens after 5 years, go figure LOL!

My guy has been on this healthy eating and dieting kick for the past nine months and I agree with him that we need to be, but he took it to another level and it started to become a chore and not a great new lifestyle that we could both enjoy. Now granted I think he has some narcissistic tendencies and that along with his pushing had me digging in my heels and being very stubborn about the whole deal.


So what happens a big blow-up, a whole lot of hurt feelings and a lot of people ready to hide the body if need be, yeah I was that angry. Regardless we decided to go ahead and do our annually date by carving pumpkins, getting ready for the cute little kiddies in their Halloween finery and having lunch at one of our favorite places.

Nick in his Halloween finery...smh!
Nick in his Halloween finery…smh!
He wanted scary for his pumpkin
He wanted scary for his pumpkin

As we talked and even started laughing about the past year and what we both really wanted I tested his knowledge to see if he really knew me by asking him a series of questions, such as what is the one thing I desire the most in the world and what’s my favorite food and color? Low and behold he actually got the answers right, though he was a little off on my favorite food he said chocolate or bread pudding when its really fried chicken, I do like chocolate but yeah fried chicken is my fave. But anyway here I thought he didn’t pay any attention to what I had to say or believe in (ice starting to melt a little).

My pumpkin wanted to be funny!
My pumpkin wanted to be funny!
Anniversary gift..we're so silly
Anniversary gift..we’re so silly

As we got to talking about the pink elephant (diet/healthy) in the room, we both laid out our true feelings about the whole healthy living thing, he finally agreed that he had been a total douche about the whole thing in how he acted and agreed that he would stop being such a douche-bag and I agreed that I would begin to start eating healthier more than I do now and I would let him know when he was starting to turn on the *&@#! thing again. We both agreed that we will support each other in every area of our lives as we start another year together.

In the end we had a nice quiet anniversary together and the only down point was that we only had one kid show up and of course he got the big bar of chocolate for his troubles but the good part is I’ll get one of those left-over bars for myself.

Left over candy, :(
Left over candy, 😦

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