I Thought I Would Have Pie!


Food evokes all the senses: the scent of pastry baking, the sound of a fork clinking on a plate…This week, make our mouths water with stories about pie.


Growing up I remember picking apples and peaches from the trees we grew and with my sisters having to peel all that fruit for mom to can or freeze. Though we enjoyed climbing the trees and gathering all the fruit we hated having to sit down after all that fun to peel each and every one and god forbid if we took off too much of the fruit with the peel.

We would still find some way to make that boring task fun and even sometimes hiding more of the apples in the trash so we can say that we had peeled them all. The best part was what mom would do with this wonderful fruit is what we truly loved best. She would freeze some of the slices of fruit after cooking them a little bit and some she would can to make up jelly for the winter months. We knew during winter we would have pies and jelly’s until the next summer.

But the star of all that fruit was when she would make her apple or peach cobblers. That was a deep-dish pie she would cook in her old beat-up enamel pan that I think she still uses to this day.

When she really wanted to throw down wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around, then we got her sweet potato pie and my ultimate favorite pineapple pies. She would start weeks in advance cooking up her pies and putting them up and of course we couldn’t touch them until the big day that was hard sometimes.

Mom still makes her pies and cobblers to this day even though she doesn’t make her own crust anymore, they still taste like they did when we were kids and we will always head over to her place to grab some and give her a hug of thanks.

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