6 Best Dishes In KC 2014

This would not be a life and food blog if I did not end the year with a few mentions of some of the best lunches and dinners we have shared over the year.

Date Night
Date Night

I only have six because I was out of commission for a few months due to surgery but the ones that are on this list are places that we will go back time and time again in the coming year.

Try not to drool on your screens 🙂

#6 75th Street Brewery

I won tickets for the Waldo Pub Crawl so we decided that we would try this place out. The place was packed and the service was attentive. Nick had the Fish & Chips because for whatever reason he was craving them; I had the Rib eye special. Both dishes were good but the star of the night was the Spent Grain Bread served with Muddy Mo Dry Irish Stout Butter.

#5 Nguyen Pho & Grill

This is a new little place that serves some pretty good Vietnamese food and in KC you can find one on just about every corner in the River Market area. I tried my first quail there and it was ok but heck what do I know about quail. Now the Pho on the other hand was awesome and very flavorful. It now makes me want to learn how to make my own.

#4 Maker’s Mark

We went there for our Valentines lunch and the food was great, maybe because the chef is dating my daughter so he wanted to make a good impression. It was funny when our order went through he asked the server if it was a black and white couple. Yes we died laughing at that one. We ordered the chicken and waffles not exactly what we were expecting but it was still pretty good. We both loved the shrimp and grits and they used real grits so major points for them.

#3 Bo Lings Chinese

There are a couple of locations for this great restaurant, we normally do the City Market location but this night we were on the Country Club Plaza and decided to head over there for sushi. Did you think I would go a year without some sushi, heck naw! As usually the food was out of this world and the service was on point as always regardless of what location we go too.

#2 Morton’s Grille

This is another new spot that opened up in the Country Club Plaza and this will be the one place we will have to hit up a few more times in 2015. We did the Sunday Brunch and we had a great time. The food was excellent with a few minor hiccups and the service was one of the best we had so far. I of course had to do the shrimp and grits and yes they used real grits here too, just next time I need them to take the tails off the shrimp. Nick did the Lobster Benedict and that was a very impressive dish (caught a few shells and meat a little tough) but again the flavors worked well. Once again the star of the show was the bread, it was French onion bread served with butter and we could have made a meal of that alone.

#1 Nica’s Lagniappe

Our favorite restaurant that we have enjoyed a number of times did close its doors over the summer and it really broke our hearts but they have a couple of other little places for us to get our Cajun fix. The owners of this little place as well as Beignet in the City Market are two of the sweetest people we have ever met. We celebrated our anniversary there and they treated us like rock stars right down to a bottle of champagne to celebrate. We will miss Nica’s but we still got Beignet.

So there you have it a few of our favorite spots in KC that we have enjoyed and looking forward to finding some more new gems and enjoying our old favorites in the coming year.


Is there a favorite you see here you would love to try if your ever down this way, just let me know and we will hook you up!

Peace, love and all that jazz for the coming year!

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