Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long time so I’m just blowing off the dust and wiping out the cobwebs to get back in the groove of things. With all the downtime I’ve got with this pandemic it’s time for me to get back up and running with a few changes to come.

I’m looking to still work on my collection of recipes from my mom and the ones I’ve created over the years. Some things that I plan on changing will be the look and a new “tagline” working on ideas for that now. I also want to focus on my KC background.

Kansas City is definitely more than just a cowtown and at one time we were known as Paris Of The Plains. I have two awesome cookbooks of some of KC’s greatest restaurants, some of them long gone and some which are still around.KC cookbooks

I’ve got plans to cook through these two cookbooks and hopefully talking with the places that are still around when this crisis is all over.

A few other things I’ve got planed is I finally pulled out that pasta maker I’ve had for over 10 years, along with  making a tomato sauce that’s about that old, that I got from an old co-worker. Plus I’m thinking about canning since yep I’ve got the equipment for that just sitting in my closet.

This is going to become my new norm and I plan on making this my mission to cook my favorite family recipes and of course cooking and eating my way through Kansas City.

I hope you guys join me in this delightful little trip, see you soon!


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