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Procrastination, Depression and Goals

January is always a hard time of the year for me, I fall into a deep depression and I of course feel overwhelmed and start to procrastinate. I have to force myself to do the simple things in life such … Continue reading

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4 things Lions can teach you on being King of your Jungle

Originally posted on Unravel Passion:
I live in Kenya and we have beautiful lions! You never really get used to seeing a real life lion, it’s always epic. He walks confidently looking around; like he owns the place then does…

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Running Around Like A Chicken (with her head cut off)

Yeah it’s been one of those months where its like I’m running around and nothing seems to be moving or getting done.  I’m trying to get my finances back in order after being off for so long, the car is … Continue reading

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Are You Living by Default or On Purpose?

“Are you living by default or are you living by God’s design for your life? Maybe it’s because I’m hitting fifty this year that I’ve been really asking myself what do I want in life.” Maybe it’s because there’s not … Continue reading

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