Procrastination, Depression and Goals

Flying Eagle
Flying Eagle

January is always a hard time of the year for me, I fall into a deep depression and I of course feel overwhelmed and start to procrastinate. I have to force myself to do the simple things in life such as getting up to go to work or even eating the right foods and that’s if I remember to eat.

I am working on attempting to get out of this pit and to work through the procrastination by finally putting together a savings project to help grow my blog and to create a little bit of savings to do a blogging conference next year.

52 Weeks of Blog Building
52 Weeks of Blog Building

I got this idea off of a consultant with Tastefully Simple and decided to tweak it a little bit with things I need to focus on for my blog. Feel free to download this and create your own little stash for the year. You can focus on one every week or you can hop around it’s all up to you and for the real adventurous go ahead and knock off a few at a time if you like.


Bank Ideas
Bank Ideas

The hard part will be to not touch your growing savings, and if your like me you may sneak into it every now and then, so I plan on getting one of these and giving the key to my daughter or my boyfriend because I know they will not hand it over for no reason.

Another good thing is that I met up with a new friend courtesy of my boyfriend. We decided to meet for lunch at the Blue Nile Café down in the City Market, we clicked at once, it’s so good to finally find a new female friend that’s around my age and has the same morals and values as I do. She also has a website up and maybe together we can both grow our blogs.

As you can see lunch was awesome and we had a great time getting to know each other and planning for our next outing.

All is not lost for me I guess, I am working on a few things for this year that I would like to accomplish. Such as:

  • Getting my blog here transferred over to a self-hosted site
  • Finding a new job or starting a small business this summer
  • Posting at least once a week (do or die time)
  • Getting healthy and finally quit smoking for good
  • Cooking, Cooking and more Cooking (too many recipes to ignore)

For each of these goals I will write more about each of them and what I hope to accomplish with each one.

As my quote says above I have to be patient and my strength will be renewed. I will not fall further into this pit, I will overcome this!

Until next time, peace, love and all that jazz!!


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