My Heart Is Full

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to post for over half the day and now the bf is on the way and I need to put something up, because I promised myself I would post something once a week or die trying and right now that’s what it feels like.

I tried to write about Restaurant week here in KC but I had a really bad experience this time around and couldn’t find anything good to say.

Then I glanced over and I saw the photo of my middle son and I knew all I had to say.

Dominic and Me

Dominic and Me

I haven’t seen my son in over five years because of issues he had to finally get through but during my weekend off he contacted me and I finally saw my son last Sunday night.

He has grown and his voice has gotten deeper but I still see my little boy in that smile.

It is that moment in time that I praise God for, that my son came home and my heart is full.

Until next time, Peace, Love and all that Jazz!!


About Princess

Hitting the big Five O, and time to do something new in my life!
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