Stop, Drop, Roll

Happy belated New Year to everyone, I am finally getting around to getting my first post up for the year after a major hard drive crash and I was without a computer for a little bit, but now it’s back better than ever and all my data was saved. Lesson learned back up everything and get a backup computer to have on hand.

While my computer was down, I was thinking about the New Year and how I want my life to look in the coming year. But unlike most people I don’t make those standard New Years resolutions anymore like I used too.

Mainly because:
a) I never seem to keep them
b) It means more lists I have to follow.

So what am I going to do for this coming year very simply I’m going to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’

Growing up we have all heard the fire safety technique of “Stop, Drop and Roll”, well for some reason it made sense this year to incorporate that into my life. Let’s take a look at how that works.

In its most basic form the stop drop and roll provides a psychological tool for a person who is on fire a routine they can focus on in order to avoid panic.

Stop, drop and roll consist of three components.

Stop Drop Roll
Stop Drop Roll

Stop – The fire victim must stop still. Ceasing any movement, which may fan the flames or hamper those attempting to put the fire out.
Drop – The fire victim must ‘drop’ to the ground, lying down if possible, covering their face with their hands to avoid facial injury.
Roll – The fire victim must roll on the ground in an effort to extinguish the fire by depriving it of oxygen. If the victim is on a rug or one is nearby, they can roll the rug around themselves to further extinguish the flame.

So how can this simple life saving technique be used in everyday life? Just like the three components we need to learn to focus on something in order to avoid the panic attack when life starts moving way to fast.

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  1. STOP, to stand still in the midst of a storm in my life. To stop trying to be everything or anything except the wonderful woman I was created to be. Cease all movement and meditate on a situation before making rushed decisions.
  2. DROP, to drop down and pray, to drop all the nonsense an BS that has held me back whether its my fears, stupid thoughts, unnecessary things or silly people.
  3. ROLL with the punches no matter what life throws my way this year.

Life is not easy but after all it is a journey that one must take, but why allow ourselves to be over burdened with trying to make promises to ourselves that we all know by the second month will be all but forgotten. KeepCalm

You want to do something new in your life, just do it, keep a list of your hopes and dreams, start your own bucket list, but whatever you do just keep this simple formula in mind to get through the rough patches of life and focus on living.



Happy New Year once again and I’m looking forward to coming back stronger than ever.


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