A True Saint

Three Hundred years from now if anyone should happen to put me up for a saint ship, I would like to go down as the Saint of Food. Food you say, but of course food, the one thing that everyone enjoys, the one thing that can be good or bad depending on when and where. The one thing that brings people together, even the last supper was about the food and what it mean for each person sitting there the last time with their friend and savior.

My baby sister once said about me, that “I love to feed people, that it was my passion.” She’s right, I love good food and I love to cook and bring people together. Whether it’s food for a party to celebrate life or food to celebrate a death, food makes it all come together. I guess that’s why my pet project is to help in the creation of a soup kitchen offered through my father’s church to even bring together those who don’t know when or where their next meal will come from, bring them together to relax and savor not just the company but the flavors of a well prepared meal created just for them.

My passion is food, to teach people about good food, to learn to take time out to enjoy a meal and to come together in worship or peace at a well-prepared table. So yes I would be known as Prince Patron Saint of Food.


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