Gone with the Windfall

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

I think that all of us have had this silly dream that somehow we would wind up inheriting loads of money from some relative we never knew we had. I have to admit that it would be nice and would take so much worry out of my life that I could finally just breath.

If I were to fantasize something like this, I will have to admit the very first thing on my list would be this:

Loft home
Loft home

It’s a loft home in the neighborhood I live in that I have drooled over for the past 5 years, from the first moment I walked into the show house it felt right, it felt like home. To me it looks like a modern day Flintstones mansion and I love the slick lines and the sharp edges. The only thing different I may buy two of them and combine them so I can enlarge the kitchen and dining areas. So every Sunday we would have Sunday dinners at my place, an no matter what time you come around you would find something good cooking or baking away. I want this home to be filled with lots of good food and love a place that when my end comes my grandchildren will have fond memories of all the good things that came out of grandmas house. So yes that house would be my very first thing I would buy with my new wealth.

After that I would look to my family and of course my grandchildren will have a trust fund set up for them so that when they turn eighteen whatever they want to do they can do, whether its collage or backpacking across Europe, I want them to learn how to live and not be afraid. Then of course all debts for family and myself will be taken care of, so that we can each finish out our lives at peace and no worry to fill our days.

Now because I know that wonderful man that I love will have a fit, I will have to invest a portion of it as well as open a special emergency fund, to keep him from having a mild heart attack and take him away to that island paradise that he has dreamed of since he was a boy.

Once all that was taken care of I would then look to my father’s church that he started thirty-eight years ago, we would put that soup kitchen in place and because dad loved the kids and the kids loved dad so much I would start a scholarship program in honor of my father and his love of the work he does there.

It seems that my fantasy has changed from when I was younger where I wanted a huge mansion and lots of cool things and travel the world, but now I know what’s the most important to me is family and friends and keeping dreams alive.



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  1. great things you will do with your money. I like the trust fund idea so your grandchildren can live the lives they want to. That is a great gift.

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