A Dream Nonetheless – A Story

Daily Prompt: Greetings, Stranger

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

Coffee around the world
Coffee around the world

She had finally arrived; she was in London sitting at a lovely downtown café, absorbing everything going on around her, she closed her eyes to take a sip of the intensely strong coffee in order to savor the flavors flowing over her tongue.

Looking up a contented smile on her lips,  she sees a tall handsome stranger arriving, their eyes meet, hers a dark chocolate brown, his dazzling green. Dropping her eyes quickly, the smile vanishing, she shivered as if a breeze had blown by. He paused mid-step; it felt as if an electric shock had touched him, moving towards the table where she sat alone, it was as if unseen hands were guiding him. 

Feeling his presence she looked up, the stranger stood over her, a smile playing on his lips, not knowing what to do she sat there too stunned to do anything. Looking down at the pretty brown skinned woman he caught the trace of laugh lines around her full lips, a bit of silver gray in her short kinky hair. His senses were shocked, this softly rounded woman before him was not his usual prey, her eyes held him captive, those eyes looking with puzzlement, but underneath he could see the shimmering of something raw and sexual that made his body tighten in response.

Gazing at this stranger with the greenest eyes she had ever seen, her mouth opened “Can I help you?” Amazed that her voice came out at all, her voice was like velvet caressing his skin he had to hear more of this deeply saturated voice; this was the voice of a jazz singer. Smiling he offered a hand now needing to feel her touch. Glancing down a part of her started to ignore the proffered hand, instead she reached up, his warm hand engulfed her small brown one, firm grip her mind thought. Pulling her hand swiftly away she could feel her heart racing.

His body felt rock hard from her touch alone, his mind reeled what the hell he thought, he couldn’t remember his name, the contact was strong not just another easy prey he thought. “My name is Urs,” he answered smoothly despite the tension growling in his body. “Well Urs, what can I do for you?” The question alone sent thoughts racing through his mind of all the things she could do for him, instead he asked if he could join her, with a nod of assent he settled his tall frame into the chair across from her.

Looking at the stranger named Urs more closely she took in the wild uncut looks about him, his dark hair came slightly to his shoulders, sideburns grazed strong cheeks, slim build, a true roman nose she supposed, but his lips were full, kissable. Now where the hell had that thought come from she wondered.

Just as she had done he studied the woman before him, her skin smooth he thought of caramel candies with a swirl of coffee mixed in, her eyes were the deepest brown he had ever seen a man could get lost in those eyes, she was curvy and full in all the right places.

Licking his lips he leaned in his voice deep with a slight accent he asked her for her name. Looking into his eyes of pure green, she whispered “Princess.” A cocky smile playing around the edges of his lips he picked up her hand once more this time to bring it to his lips for a soft kiss that made her feel that he had just branded her as his own.

“Well, Princess,” he laughed, “I’ve been looking for you.” Not missing a beat she continued to look into those mesmerizing eyes and softly said, “I’ve been looking for you.”



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