911 Do You Remember?

I remember, thirteen years ago today. It was a bright sunny day, I was living in St. Louis at the time and my life felt almost nearing perfect. I was headed into work at the then Adams Mark Hotel were I worked in the HR department as an employment specialist, a job I was falling in love with. As was my normal morning routine I went up into the employee dining room for my morning coffee and aspirin, I still didn’t know what was going on outside my perfect world. I stood there sipping coffee and looking at the morning TV show and I saw this: 

911 Attack
911 Attack

buildings on fire which I assumed was another movie trailer that was coming out but as I listened closer to what the news cast was saying and I looked around at colleague’s breaking down in tears the true horror of what was happening finally over took me.

I stood there and watched the events unfold as I saw the many attacks, people jumping from the building, I could only stand there my heart sinking is this what my world our world had become in the name of religion.

My colleague’s and I we worked that day but a heavy cloud was hanging over us as we tried to go about the business of the day, but every now and then you would see a tear on someones face or hear the hushed phone calls as people were attempting to find out about missing friends or relatives who may have been there that day.

It seemed as if the sun had even stopped shining that day in St. Louis as if it too was stunned by what was happening. I too felt my sunshine slipping that day as I cried tears of sorrow for those who were there. If I could have been able to go to New York to do something, to do anything I would have been there but what could I do?

So now each year on this day I take time to remember not only the men and women from that day but also the men and women who lost their lives in the war that followed.

Take time out of your busy day and remember those that have fallen, those who were there and those who survived!

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