What Do I Do?

Monday, December 1, 2014
What do you do when you’re down to bring yourself a little joy?

I decided to participate in the BlogHer December NaPloMo and this is the first prompt for the month and right now it’s perfect for the place I find myself in at the moment.

November ended on a low note with the “bf” and I have to take a step back not only to give him time to decide what he really wants but also for me to decide if I should continue on in this relationship.

My first thought when I woke this morning was:

“I gave you my heart and soul and in return you gave me a slap to the face, now I hope your soul rots away!”

Okay, I know not pretty but I’m feeling a bit betrayed and a whole lot of hurt.

My next thought was what do I do over the next thirty days to not go crazy and to really think this thing through.

Well first I of course called my baby sister, whose my mini therapist 🙂 and I asked her what would she do if her husband had done the same thing, she starts laughing and said she would take me and my other sister out for dinner and have this song by the Ohio Players, “I Want To Be Free” playing in the background.

Perfect, music always makes me feel a little bit better along with a chat with my sister. Plus that song helped me realize that I’m not afraid anymore if things don’t work out.

Here’s to more joy in December 🙂

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