He Always Surprises Me!

Sitting here thinking about yesterday’s post and the person in question and the last five years that we have been together and all the times he would surprise me just because.

1st Christmas Gift
1st Christmas Gift

I remember he surprised me our very first Christmas with this huge plastic trunk filled with “Hello Kitty” items that he had been buying all year and it was loaded, I felt like a kid again that day.


Sometimes the surprises would be something simple, like the time we had went grocery shopping and as we are walking out the door we passed one of those toy/candy machines he stops and puts two quarters in one of the machines and out pops the prize.

My Test Ring
My Test Ring

He then places the cutest little red plastic ring on my finger telling me that was my test ring. I wore that little toy ring proudly as if it was the biggest diamond in the world.



My Big Chocolate Bar
My Big Chocolate Bar

One day I asked him for chocolate cause I was feeling really down since I was laying up in bed after an ankle surgery, this crazy man hands me a bag and it was heavy when I opened it there was this two pound block of chocolate. I could only shake my head and laugh.

From our first date he has always managed to surprise me in his actions or his words, I think that’s what keeps me believing in him.

Flowers Every Now and Then
Flowers Every Now and Then

I wonder if he will figure out a surprise to get us back on track again or has he ran out of ideas, I don’t know but I’ve got thirty days to see what he comes up with.

Thinking happy thoughts to keep the sadness away, peace and love world!

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