Good Food Period!

Day Three Prompt: What food always makes you feel happy while you’re eating it? #NaBloPoMoLove

Food From Everywhere!
Food From Everywhere!

I’m a little late for this one, so I will be writing two posts in one day so I can catch up 🙂

This prompt was really hard for me, trying to think of which of my favorite foods made me happy when I came to the conclusion that it’s good food that makes me happy no matter what kind it is.

I love food, whether I’m cooking it, shopping at the grocery store for it or going out to eat it, I love food, which is another reason why I wanted to start a food blog.

Sushi somewhere :)
Sushi somewhere 🙂

I can swoon over a plate of good sushi just as easily as I can at a barbecue eating a hot dog fresh off the grill.

What matters to me is how well is the food prepared, whom I’m with and that moment in time I’m living. Food for me is the icing on the cake so to speak.

I am at home dining at the little dinky diners or sitting in a fancy high-priced restaurant, and I’m the girl who will try something new at least once.

You can find me roaming the grocery store isle just looking at the different products or squeezing and smelling the fresh produce, and I wonder why it takes me over an hour to just get a few things 🙂

I can’t be trusted in a bookstore or I may come home with a new cookbook that I read as if it’s the newest novel.

My Favorite Cookbooks
My Favorite Cookbooks

Though if I was really pushed to say what is my absolute favorite food, I would have to say anything that my mom makes will always send me to the moon and back, she’s the rock of our family and always knew how to make something tasty from nothing.

So I’m a food lover, food critic just a total food geek all around and that makes me happy.

Tell me friends what food makes you happy?

Peace, love and all that jazz!!

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    1. I have a lot of friends that need gluten-free also, and its so hard for them to find good food that’s gluten-free but when they do they are over the moon with delight 🙂

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