No True Happy Place For Me, Yet!

Day 11 Prompt: Where is your happy place?

I have spent most of the day trying to think what place is there that makes me happy and all I can think of is that I’ve had many places in my life that have brought me joy and even contentment, but not my true happy place.

Looking for Happiness
Looking for Happiness

When I lived in St. Louis my favorite spot to go to was a little park right in the middle of downtown. It was here I would go to people watch, to think or meditate and sometimes just to laugh with friends.

When I lived in Florida and did an internship with Walt Disney World, I loved it and it became one of my most favorite places to work. From meeting all the guests from around the world to the food and of course all the character photo’s I took, Disney will always make me feel happy inside.

Living here in KC, there are places that bring me a moment of peace such as my dad’s church to enjoy a moment of praise and worship, my mom’s house to just relax and sometimes even get feed, even a walk in the Country Club Plaza or Loose Park, will bring me a few moments of joy and peace but nothing to fill me with true happiness.

So, I’m still looking for my happy place here in KC, one to really call my own that I can go to when life just weighs me down. Who knows maybe in the coming year I will finally find that place.

KC Skyline
KC Skyline

Do you have a happy place or are you still searching for it?

Peace, love and all that jazz!

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