The Fugly Week!

This has truly been a fugly week since I’ve started blogging and I feel so bad that I started out so great doing the NaBloPoMo and then boom all of a sudden I get hit with a ton of bricks and feel like I’m falling behind.

Christmas in my house
Christmas in my house

I have just wanted to sit down and burst into tears since Monday night, I am feeling tired, afraid and overwhelmed because I’m a week behind in posting anything new and haven’t followed any of the daily prompts at all and my job search is lagging behind.

I may have been ok on Monday if people hadn’t called in and I had to stay an hour longer, not to mention I decided to pick up a couple of extra shifts for the holiday so each night by the time I got home after stopping to get something really foul for dinner, I’m exhausted and can’t think, which means no writing gets done.

I then overextended myself when I promised my brother-in-law that I would be able to get his resume redone and back to him by Saturday, but my brain seems to be on overload and I can’t get it to format or written right so now I have to tell him I will have it by next week.

Now I may have been able to get some writing done and did other blogging tasks but the boyfriend was all excited because he had a Hanukkah gift (who does that?) that he had to bring over the night before my first day off and it turns out it’s really a gift for him as I had to go shopping on my day off for something sexy to wear for our weekly date night. Is that even considered romantic?

Not to mention for some reason my hands have been hurting me like crazy (guess I really should find a doctor soon), also had to get the car to the shop to repair a leak not to mention gotta clean the apartment and finish decorating a bare Christmas tree.

The only bright spot is I had the chance to decorate the tree with my daughter and though it doesn’t have all the ornaments on there this year it’s still a pretty tree and it brought a little calm into my raging mind.

Our tree with lights
Our tree with lights

I have to really figure out a schedule for everything along with bumping up my job search because:

a) I really want my blog to be good and
b) I don’t like my job and hate the hours.

I am working on a schedule though to not only help me get things done but to maybe also save a little something for the next year.

Next week I will be back on schedule and will get my daily prompts written even if that means I get no sleep, because this is too important to me.

Peace, love and all that jazz!!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you liked my bit of rambling 🙂
      and I will have to stop by your blog again when I have more time, seen a couple of posts I really need to read 🙂

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