Chocolate Chips Everywhere…

Today is “National Chocolate Chip Day”, and of course if your making cookies, chocolate chips definitely deserve it’s own holiday. The story goes that in the 30’s a woman by the name of Ruth Graves was baking cookies and decided to add some chocolate chunks to her dough, well it took off and the toll house cookie was born.

You would think I would fix that tried and true Toll House Cookie recipe but I decided to try my hand at the famous $250 Neiman Marcus cookies and there are thousands of this recipe out there, I just picked the last one I looked at (I was getting a little tired). Just as I get geared up to make those, what happens during our extended stay at home orders, but DoubleTreeĀ  hotel posted their famous cookies online, you know the ones they bake fresh and leave for guests staying in the hotel, of course I had to try these.

But it looks like I wasn’t done on my chocolate chip cookie quest because I just decided to pull up the Neiman Marcus StoreĀ  I found their cookie recipe so yep I had to put that on the list to try.

I finally started baking cookies and giving them out to my mom, my sisters and my kids, that everyone was like “NO MORE”, who knew you could get tired of cookies. But below is my take on each of the cookies I made.

The first cookie I made was the $250 Neiman Marcus cookies that’s been floating all around the internet and ok it wasn’t a bad cookie but OMG it was way too much to do, first blending the oats and shaving the chocolate. I did like them but a little to crisp for my taste. Will I make these again maybe not because it took too much time.

$250 Neiman Marcus Cookies
$250 Neiman Marcus Cookies

Next up was the true Neiman Marcus Cookies that I found from the their website. This one didn’t have as much ingredients and didn’t take that long, but it had espresso in the mix that I really did like. Now the recipe called for you to press the cookies down with a spoon, I didn’t like that it made the cookie too crisp for me. So the next set I made came out smaller but it had that nice moist chocolate chip chew that I like. So yep this one I will be making again, plus I’ve got a can of espresso mix I’ve got to use up.

Neiman Marcus Cookies
Neiman Marcus Cookies

Last up is the DoubleTree Hotel cookie and these were really good, it makes me want to head over to a DoubleTree hotel…

DoubleTree Hotel Cookies

and spend at least one night just so I can try their cookies for myself, so yep I’ll be making these again.

All in all I had fun making these cookies and giving them out but I’m done with making cookies for a little while, at least until Christmas time.

Hit me back and let me know if you tried of the three that I posted, with links to their site, no point in me writing out a recipe.




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