My Official Taste Tester

Saturday nights is usually reserved for our date nights when we  either go out to our favorite spot, try a new spot, or if I have time cook up something special for us. Since the quarantine I’ve been doing a lot more cooking for our date nights  and Nick has become my official taste tester for everything that I  make.

I’ve made this man pasta, cookies, and even a lasagna and now he want’s bread because all his coworkers are bringing bread from home that their wives or girlfriends are making so of course I do have a recipe I’ve been wanting to try so he will get his bread for work to.

This date night I decided to cook since we were going to do a movie in, I had found a recipe by Chef Gordon Ramsay on his Instagram page for a 10 minute curry and a fried bread to top it off. So of course I had to try this recipe because we both love curry and it looked easy, so why not.


Now to make your own you will have to do like me and follow along in the video: @gordongram 

Chicken & Shrimp Curry

I just used a little too much spinach and I added shrimp instead of peas (he hates peas, go figure). Both dishes came out really good and this will be going on the menu again.

For dessert I threw on a Betty Crocker Apple Crisp  20200516_124051since I had some apples left over and sometimes he is a big ole kid that loves things that reminds him of his childhood. 

I hope you guys have as much fun making this with your special someone as much as we had fun doing this one together.

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